R.O.G.E.R. project

Realistic Observations in Game and Experience in Rehabilitation (R.O.G.E.R) is a virtual environment allowing to dive people with cognitive impairment into an immersive, captivating and realistic experience. Within the created virtual environment, patients play scenarios close to daily activities. In neuropsychological terms, these activities are referred to as ecological situations.

Current tools for the assessment of cognitive abilities are based on neuropsychological tests designed to control the metric and to fragment cognitive functions. They are incomplete because they are too analytical and do not give an embedded profile. Studies have shown that virtual reality can produce better results than standard tests commonly used in neuropsychology. This is mainly because virtual reality offers much more ecological validity. The R.O.G.E.R project was born in that perspective.

Most cognitive assessments using virtual reality are what we called "contextualized tests". In these tests, the participant is emerged in a virtual environment via a head mounting display (e.g. a street, a classroom, a car). A computerized test (for example a stroop task) appears on the daskboard and a series of realistic distractors appears during the test. But in this kind of test, the context (the environment + distractors) is ecologic but not the task in itself (the Stroop task). Very few studies in virtual reality use an ecological task (representative of a daily living activity) in order to assess cognitive functions in patients.

The aim of this project is to develop a novel assessment tool for cognitive deficits using virtual reality. Patients had to perform daily living activities in a sumptuous villa using a Nunchuk to move in the virtual environment. Actually, we are working on a learning scenario of basic actions required during interactions in the virtual environment. For a guided visit of the virtual house click here


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For this project we are working hand in hand with several partners: